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The most powerful person in America is not the President.  It is not a judge.  Surprisingly, the most powerful person in America is a prosecutor.  Whether on the state or federal level, these individuals literally have the power to destroy ones life, regardless of an individual’s actual guilt or innocence.  An arrest can lead to loss of liberty, loss of a job, and the forfeiture of homes, boats, and cars.  Under our criminal justice system, prosecutors have the power to seek arrest warrants, and more importantly, the prosecutorial discretion to frame and file criminal charges.  The very essence of this “filing decision,” often determines mandatory sentences and maximum punishments. Attorney Marcus Barnett began his career as a state prosecutor, and has decades of criminal law experience at the State and Federal levels.  He understands the system, and knows how prosecutors think, act, and react.  It is vital to approach a prosecutor in the proper fashion, so as to inform and influence their filing decision.  The decision as to whether to file charges at all, and what charges to file, is not always set in stone.  Obtaining an attorney as early as possible in the process gives you the best chance of influencing the filing decision, setting yourself up to get the most favorable outcome possible. Once charges are filed, it is vital to have an experienced attorney who understands the pretrial discovery process.  Our laws and our constitutions (state and federal) protect us against the government.  As a constitutional defense attorney, Marcus understands the search and seizure process, interrogation rights, and knows how to protect you against the government. Unfortunately, many times, an overzealous, but well-intentioned police officer or federal agent will assume a suspect is guilty, and will sometimes break the rules, incorrectly believing the end justifies the means.  It is my job to make sure the police follow the law.  Regardless of the guilt or innocense of any client, if the police lie or cheat, no one should go to prison.  That is the essence of a free society, for we must be able to trust our institutions.  The question of, “who guards the guardians,” has a simple answer.  Your lawyer does.  A good criminal defense attorney is liberty’s last champion. The very reason I became a lawyer was to demand justice, fairness, and to protect individuals and businesses from the tyranny of the state.  Our country began by fighting a revolution against a authoritarian government who routinely trampled individual rights.  In modern society, the fight for justice is waged every day.  If you are suspected of a crime, being investigated, or being prosecuted, contact us as soon as possible for a free consultation. We are available 24/7/365.



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