Accidents and Negligence

How many times do we see attorney advertisements asking, “Injured,” or “Car Accident,”? These advertisements are everywhere, and it seems like every attorney around wants to cash in on your pain and suffering.  How, then, do you choose the right attorney? It is important to find an attorney like me, that is actually willing to take your case to trial.  Insurance companies know who is afraid of court, and who the real litigators are.  Although the vast majority of cases never make it to court, the way to get the best possible outcome is to be prepared for a fight. The big insurance companies count on attorneys rolling over, and taking the first decent offer that comes their way.  Many of the big firms who mass advertise do exactly that.  They do not and can not give you the personal attention you deserve.  They play a numbers game, and count on high volume, rather than high returns, to make their money. I learned personal injury law from the best.  My mentor virtually invented the personal injury practice here in Jacksonville over thirty years ago.  I know how to value cases, and how to persuade insurance adjusters and juries of the true worth of your case. Although it is easy to see the value of lost wages, and medical bills, the true way to actually take into account the impact of your loss is to look at your entire situation, your pain, your suffering, and your loss of enjoyment of life.  Any permanent injury can qualify you for these “non-economic” damages. I get to the heart of the matter, by asking questions, and listening.  I remember asking one client how his injury had changed his life.  He answered, “sack of potatoes.” Of course, I asked him what that meant.  He explained, that before his back was permanently injured, every night, he would scoop up his daughters, each in one arm, throw them over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes, and carry them upstairs to bed.  He cried when he told me that story, and so did several jurors when he told it to them.  Naturally, they made sure he was compensated for his loss. In another case, where a client’s nasal surgery was botched, and his brain exposed to outside contamination, one of the affects was vertigo and permanent ringing in his ears.  He lost memory too.   He told me he and his wife would drive by a church and she would say that is where we got married.  Naturally he believed her but he could not remember it. I recall him telling me that when his daughter grew up and got married, he would not be able to walk her down the isle, or hear her take her vows.  Truly heartbreaking. Now money can never make these people, or you, whole again.  However, it is the only way to compensate for your losses.  Having an attorney like me, who understands, cares, and fights, is the best way to make sure you get justice.  Contact me anytime for a free consultation, to find out what I can do for you. We are available 24/7/365.



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