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Our goal is to be your advocate and place your needs first. We provide sophisticated representation to individuals and businesses at every stage of a case – we focus on solutions, that way you can focus on your well-being.

Championing client rights, freedoms, and futures for over 20 years.

Sophisticated Representation

Rights Protected. Freedom Protected. Best Possible Solution Achieved.

We provide sophisticated representation to individuals and businesses at every stage of a case — we focus on solutions, that way you can focus on your well-being. We are trial lawyers, and will aggressively protect your rights and freedom. We fight for our client’s rights, and our goal is to get each and every client the best possible result. We believe that while our knowledge and experience set us apart from the rest, what matters most is our personal commitment to you. We care about you, and will be your champion.


Meet Your Personal Attorney

Mark S. “Marcus” Barnett has practiced law for over twenty years, in Miami and Jacksonville.  Starting as an Assistant Attorney General, focusing on criminal and civil prosecutions, economic crimes, and consumer protection, he then entered private practice, where he has extensive experience in civil litigation, criminal defense, and appellate law. 

Known for being a reliable expert in his practice, he also handles a variety of matters for individuals and businesses.

Marcus has special expertise in crimes involving drug and alcohol addiction.

Why Choose Barnett Law Firm, PLLC?

Sophisticated Representation

Put our decades of experience in protecting you to work. We listen, understand you, and will make sure your voice is heard.

Rights Protected

As individuals, as Americans, and as human beings, we have guaranteed rights. We fight for your rights and will be your champion.

Freedom Protected

Whether you're the victim or the one being unjustly accused, what matters to us is you and your freedom. None of us are free until all of us are free.

Best Possible Solution

Knowledge and experience set us apart from the rest, but what matters most is our personal commitment to you. We care about you and will fight for you.

Attorney Marcus Barnett is a member of:
The Florida Bar Association
United States District Court Middle District of Florida
United States District Court Northern District of Florida
United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit

Attorney Barnett representing protesters arrested at UNF

In this news video, Atty. Marcus Barnett is highlighted, representing a group of more than a dozen pro-Palestine protestors who were taken into custody at UNF. Barnett expresses his viewpoint that the police response had been overly severe and advocates for the revocation of the ‘trespassing after warning’ charges.

Our Areas of Practice

We have a wide range of experience so we can best meet your needs.

Criminal Practice Areas

Criminal Defense State And Federal

Our laws and our constitutions (state and federal) protect us against the government. In modern society, the fight for justice is waged every day. 

Drug Crimes

In today’s society, drug abuse and addiction are twin problems that afflict many innocent people. If you are facing any kind of drug charge, you need an experienced professional to help.

Pornography & Sex Crimes

Over his two decades plus in criminal defense, Attorney Marcus Barnett has developed considerable expertise defending individuals charged with sex crimes and related offenses.

DUI Offenses

Being accused of DUI is a life-changing experience. It can threaten your freedom, your driver’s license, and your insurance. Immediate action is required to protect your rights. Call Attorney Marcus Barnett for a free consult.

Federal Sentencing Law

Oftentimes, sentencing is the only issue in a federal criminal case, and the difference between years or decades in prison, or probation is a lawyer who understands the sentencing guidelines and BOP placement. 

Criminal FAQ

Get answers to your questions about your rights in your criminal case. 

Civil Practice Areas

Accidents And Negligence

Are you a victim of negligence? Whether on the road, in business, or in daily life, choose the right attorney to protect your rights. 

Business Litigation

If you or your company is involved in a business dispute or investigated by the government, get an experienced attorney who can deliver the best possible solution. 

Civil Litigation

Access to the courts is among our fundamental rights as Americans. If your rights have been ignored, or you have been misled or mistreated, talk to us. We can help!

Consumer Protection

You work hard for your money. You have the right to expect a business to keep its promises and obey the law. It is easy to become the victim of a scam or sham business, or con artist. Talk to us if you need help, we have solutions.

Landlord and Tenant

Anyone who has been the victim of a greedy landlord, or had inconsiderate tenants, knows the feeling of betrayal that follows. We often can settle these disputes, and if necessary will go to court to protect you. 

LGBTQ Gender Rights and Discrimination

We do not choose our gender or sexual orientation any more than we choose the color of our eyes, our height, or our race. Our Constitution and laws protect us. Let us protect you.

Racial Discrimination

If you think you may be the victim of discrimination, you have two choices: accept it and stay a victim, or learn about and protect your rights. Talk to us and let us help you.


During a trial, litigation of any kind, or other criminal and civil actions, lawyers, prosecutors, and judges all too often make mistakes. If you need a lawyer to handle your appeal or review your case, contact us now.

Civil FAQ

Get answers to your questions about your rights in your civil case. As experienced civil attorneys, our firm has the information and expertise you need to protect your rights.


Criminal Appeals

An experienced criminal appeals lawyer, like Attorney Marcus Barnett and The Barnett Law Firm, can help you protect your rights, and fight these injustices.

Civil Appeals

An experienced appellate lawyer, like Attorney Marcus Barnett, can protect you, and get you the justice you deserve.